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Friday, May 7, 2010

Have you discovered its Real ♥ Beauty ♥ . . ?

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. . . Islam

If our minds are captive to prejudice, preconception, or prejudgment, we will never see the beauty or truth of anything.

Perhaps you have preconceived, negative notions about Islam. Perhaps you have only seen it as portrayed by the media when reporting about terrorists –those few who would be terrorists regardless of their religion. Perhaps you have read or heard about Islam from unauthentic or biased sources.

So, I invite you to objectively and open-mindedly read this book demonstrating the beauty, clarity, and simplicity of Islam.


In Islam,The One true God (Allah) has created the entire creation. It is only this great God (Allah) who made all humans and animals, the earth and its mountains, oceans and rivers, plants and forests, the sun and the moon, galaxies and orbits, days and nights. All other objects, which we may or may not know, or have not yet been discovered, are all aspects of His infinite creation.

All in all, Allah is the Creator of life, death, and life after death.

However, some might refer their existence to 'nature' or 'natural selection'! Scientifically speaking, let's define what they talk about: NATURE! What is nature?

Don't you agree with me that nature includes: plants and planets, orbits and galaxies, valleys and mountains, oceans and rivers, earth, sun, moon, stars, and other objects. Have these things created themselves or created human beings?!

The Glorious Qur’an beautifully tells us:

“O mankind! Worship your Lord, who created you and those who came before you that you may become righteous." (2:21)

“He (God) created the Heavens and the Earth for Truth.” (The Qur’an 39: 5)

“It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They swim along, each in an orbit.” (The Qur’an 21: 23)

Moreover, these who believe in nature argue that they do not believe in God because they simply can't see, touch, or experiment Him!

A couple of years ago, my neighbor in Oregon (USA) visited me at my house. We talked about several things among which we discussed the concept of God. My neighbor, a very old man, denying the existence of God, emotionally knocked the tea table, saying: "I believe in this table since I can touch it… I can feel it!"

Reasoning with him, I pointed to the lamp in the room and asked him:

Do you believe in the power of electricity?
He replied: "Sure."

I asked: "Can you see the power or energy generating the light?
"No." was his answer.

I further asked him these questions:

• Have you ever seen - with your bare eyes - the air we breathe?
• Do you have feelings? What are their colors, shapes, and sizes?
• What is sleep? What is its color or weight?
• So, how many things do we believe in without seeing them?

On another occasion, I met a young man called Chris and his wife at a hotel in Oslo, Norway. During a friendly discussion with them, I asked Chris: "So, what is the purpose of life?" Getting surprised, he answered: this is the first time I heard such a question!" He added: "I think there is no purpose of my life." He concluded: "I do not believe in any god." I asked Chris: "Why?" He answered: "I have not seen it yet."

Commenting on his reply, I asked him (with a smile):

• Do you love your wife?
• Can you physically see this love?
• What is the color of your love?
• How much does this love weigh?

What was the reaction of Chris and his wife? Try to imagine it! Thus, not being able to tangibly see or measure this abstract love does not lead to denying the truth and existence of this love.

By the same analogy, if we can't see God in this life because of our limited faculties and senses which can't comprehend His greatness this must not make us deny His existence.

God's existence is clearly evident and easily traceable in unlimited signs, proofs manifested in the creation of numberless atoms, cells, tissues, muscles, and everyone/everything created.

Furthermore, thousands of God’s prophets and billions of their followers throughout the history of humanity witnessed and confirmed the existence of God. Is it rational and logical to disregard the testimony of all these billions and billions of signs and people just because of some refutable theories? (Like Darwin's theory of evolution which has been disproved and rejected by a great amount of recent scientific and experimental research).

One can attain real happiness and peace of mind only through belief in and submission to the one true God (Allah).


Sources: http://abctruth.net/

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First of all it has been a great pleasure to have the chance to visit this nice blog. the word La Tahzan (innALLAHha ma'ana) itself makes me feel so melancholic , it really touches me.ALHAMDULILLAH
this article, it reminds me of a song from Maher Zain " Open Your Eyes". Such a beautiful song and it really makes me open my eyes.

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